Prepare for Profitability.

The Scaleup Accelerator helps high potential startups that have achieved product-market fit and secured funding drive rapid growth to prepare for profitability and venture funding.

Scaling a startup is difficult.

70% of seed-stage startups fail due to scaling challenges and mistakes.

The Scaleup Accelerator helps founders develop and execute a laser-focused scaling strategy to navigate the difficult scaleup stage. Founders will work through a twelve-month structured mentorship-based program provided by a leading Toronto based accelerator.

From hiring employees and building a culture to developing scalable sales processes and expanding product functionality, the scaleup accelerator will provide founders with the support they need to succeed.


Accelerator Program Benefits

For the first 3 months, founders will develop and execute a laser focused scaling roadmap with best in class sales, growth and marketing experts.

Access to a unique and vibrant community of advisors, partners and talent.

For 9 months, founders will continue to have access to world class mentors and entrepreneurs in residences. The focus of the support is driven by the needs, challenges and opportunities the startup faces.

Common areas of focus are: executive leadership development, recruiting and onboarding talent, product development, growing sales, improving processes and accessing capital.

Direct introductions to our curated network of North American investors.

12 months of co-work office space and meeting room access at Innisfil Accelerates Hub.

Program Details

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have a strong founding team with demonstrated skills and capability to lead a start-up
  • Have a scalable business model focused on a large existing or fast-growing new market
  • Have secured funding (seed round, loan, grant, profit) and/or $10,000 to $20,000+ in monthly recurring revenue.
  • Have a strong desire to drive rapid growth and interest in securing additional funding to fuel that growth
  • Must be able to attend mentorship sessions in Innisfil
  • Strong preference is given to startups that can show their monthly recurring revenue has experienced double digit month over month growth in the past 6 months.
  • Interest in Town of Innisfil and intent to work out of Innisfil Accelerates co-work space during the program.

Application Process

  • Applications for the Scaleup Accelerator are open year-round. We review applications on a weekly basis and will reach out to founders who meet the application criteria to schedule in an introduction call.

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