The Town of Innisfil on occasion enters into strategic partnerships.

If you have a strategic partnership proposal that can provide value to the Town of Innisfil, complete the application below.

With a strong technology centric leadership the Town leads the charge in forging unique partnerships such as these below:


Uber — A viable public transportation system was a dilemma for the Town of Innisfil. The cost of implementing a system run and maintained by the town is prohibitive, particularly given the geographical spread of our area.

In a partnership with Uber, discounted rates are available for travel within the township.

Coinberry — Innisfil is the first municipality in Canada to accept cryptocurrency for payments such as property taxes being made to the town.  This is managed through our partnership with Coinberry.

As Financial Technology companies become more mainstream, the Town of Innisfil is on the forefront.


Rover Parking — The Town of Innisfil, like all communities, has high-density neighborhoods’ which leads to parking congestion.  The Town of Innisfil has partnered with Rover Parking, a mobile application that encourages residents to rent their otherwise empty driveway spaces to others on an hourly, daily or even overnight basis.