Invest in Downtown Alcona Today

Welcome to The Town of Innisfil.

We have an exciting vision for building our downtown, and you are invited to profit from our vision and growth.

We are looking for developers to make their mark on our downtown, invest, and profit with Innisfil.

Our official plan makes us investor and developer-friendly.


Located between Barrie and Toronto, and minutes from Highway 400 makes Innisfil a perfect place for development.

Demand for commercial office space is strong in Innisfil in recent years.

Our official plan allows up to 8 stories of mixed-use residential, institutional and commercial development.

Innisfil is ready for development today, and by working with our Economic Development Team you’ll be given one point of contact to help expedite the process.


Innisfil’s population is projected to grow by 50% by 2031. As a result of our growth, there is significant demand for housing, lifestyle amenities, restaurants, shops, office and retail space, and more.

A new Go Station is slated to open in the next 2-3 years in Innisfil, driving further growth.

Choosing to develop in Innisfil today, means years of growing your investment, delivering healthy ROI.

This growth is the main driver to why we’re sharing our vision to develop our downtown.


Maybe you’ve heard about Innisfil recently in the news for our innovative partnerships, programs and development projects.

We’ve partnered with Uber to solve transit issues.

We’re allowing residents to pay their taxes with cryptocurrency.

To solve our parking issues, we partnered with the app Rover.

The Orbit is another massive futuristic development project.

The buzz around Innisfil is turning many heads in the tech world, which is driving even more demand for commercial office space.


We’ve taken the time to create a visualization of what a fully realized redevelopment of our downtown looks like.

What you see is not prescriptive, but intended to inspire.

Everything in the visualization can be built immediately.

What you’re seeing is our planning and zoning policies and by-laws coming to life..

Leave your mark on Innisfil and profit from our growth.


Our Zoning Bylaw, Community Profile and Official Plan provides for the opportunity of a variety of dense uses including commercial, residential, institutional, or a mix. This provides ultimate flexibility for developers, landowners, and investors.
Zoning Bylaw
Official Plan

For more information on this project, please download the Alcona Visualization Final Report

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