Small Town Community with Big City Startup Support

Imagine a small community within a one hour drive of Toronto that offers all the benefits of small town living combined with an incredible support system for entrepreneurs, startups and scale ups.

Did you know that up to 70% of startups can succeed when nurtured in a supportive environment? When you establish your startup in the Town of Innisfil, we promise to provide you with first class support to help your startup be part of the 70% success rate.

Accelerate Your Business

We’ll do this by providing startup founders with space, mentorship, training and connections to resources they need to launch, build and grow a startup from idea to a 1 million dollar business. Innisfil Accelerates offers four accelerator programs designed to help startup founders navigate the idea, grow and scale startup stages and build successful sustainable businesses.

Combined with our four-season lifestyle, quality of life and cost of living, the accelerator programs make Innisfil the perfect location for entrepreneurs to pursue their startup dreams.

Innisfil Accelerates, Let The Town of Innisfil Help you Accelerate Your Business Towards Success.

Foundations Bootcamp

Put Your Idea to the Test!

The foundations bootcamp helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the first key
milestone in their entrepreneurial journey: deciding if your business idea is worth pursuing. The 30-day self guided online course teaches aspiring entrepreneurs lean startup and customer development basics to help them develop and evaluate their business idea.

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Idea Accelerator

Validate your Business Idea & Launch Your Startup in 16 weeks

The Idea Accelerator helps aspiring startup founders validate a business idea and launch a startup in 16 weeks. The Idea Accelerator uses customer development and lean startup methodology to help founders validate problems, markets and customers to find the right business idea to pursue. Founders will work through the online Leanstack Bootstart course with the support of a mentor to grow their idea into a business model and find problem-solution fit.

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Growth Accelerator

Find Product Market Fit and Ready to Attract Funding

The Growth Accelerator helps promising startups that show early signs of traction and product-market fit get ready to scale. 82% of startups fail because they run out of money. Securing funding to fuel growth is essential for startup success. The Growth Accelerator helps founders get their startup ready to attract funding. Founders will work through a six to nine-month structured mentorship program with our entrepreneur in residence Chris Adams to develop and grow their business.

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Scaleup Accelerator

Drive Double Digit Growth and Prepare to Secure Your Next Round of Funding

The Scaleup Accelerator helps high potential startups that have achieved
product-market fit and secured funding drive rapid growth to prepare for profitability and/or venture funding. The Scaleup Accelerator helps founders develop and execute a laser-focused scaling strategy to navigate the difficult scaleup stage. Founders will work through a twelve-month structured mentorship-based program provided by a leading Toronto based accelerator.

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Innisfill Accelerates Hub

Accelerator program participants receive free co-working office space and access to meeting rooms and private offices at the Innisfil Accelerates Hub. Conveniently located on Yonge Street in Stroud, the space provides founders and their teams with high-speed internet, caffeine and a great atmosphere.

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