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The State of Small Business in a Post-COVID World

It’s never easy running your own business. There’s the hours, the stress and the constant stream of problems both big and small. But this last year things have gone from difficult to basically impossible for many entrepreneurs. Mandated closures and lockdowns left many businesses either closed or without any customers to service. Between March and…

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Innisfil Accelerates is the home of the Town of Innisfil’s Economic Development Team. Working from Innisfil isn’t just about a scenery change. It’s about providing you the resources to truly grow your business–and yourself.

With our “Foundations Bootcamp” we help entrepreneurs achieve the first key step of success: Validating your business concept. Through a 30-day self guided online course, we offer tools to help you evaluate the fundamentals of your venture.

Once you’ve determined the market viability of your endeavor you can list your business in our Online Market to get visibility and connect with fellow entrepreneurs in our vibrant community.

Finally, recognizing the bootstrapping nature of even the most profitable businesses we are proud to announce our new “Garage Startup Policy” which allows and supports residents operating their successful businesses out of their own garages. Are you the next Jeff Bezos?

DMZ Innisfil

Beyond a workspace, DMZ Innisifil is a collaborative program designed to provide entrepreneurs with the resources and connections to grow personally and professionally.

In partnership with the Town of Innisfil, the DMZ seeks to be an example of what a growing startup community can be at its best: Exclusive resources, access to a network of partners, customers and investors from Canada’s top tech incubator/accelerator.

Work From Innisfil

“Work from Innisfil” is a program that promotes a better quality of personal and professional life for remote workers. An alternative to conventional city living, we cultivate growth through the lifestyle, amenities and community supports only country living can provide.

Development Projects

“The Orbit” is Innisfil’s vision for a complete, cutting-edge community where small town rural lifestyles reap the benefits of urban living. With a soon to be built GO station, helping to further solidify Innisfil as a transit hub, we foresee a sustainably developed community designed in and around how people live, travel, interact, play and work.

However, while rapid transit is an important aspect of articulating this vision, the heart of the Orbit is a focus on supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. Through them we can bring local jobs back to Innisfil and make commuting an option–not a necessity.

Additionally, arts and culture spaces, year-round sports and leisure activities as well as a full suite of resources for local entrepreneurs in traditional and non-traditional industries make the Orbit truly self-sufficient. Weaving seamlessly through surrounding walkable spaces are the Orbit’s farmers’ markets and pop-up shops which provide an eclectic collection of local artisanal retail options as well as community hub offerings like hacklabs and makerspaces from the Innisfil ideaLAB and library.

Combined, these elements will create an economic and socially vibrant future for Innisfil that residents like you can be a part of shaping.

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